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About company "Bionime"


Сompany «Bionime» - reliable and quality manufacturer of blood glucose meter products with a high degree of trust among consumers worldwide. Consumers who are at risk for diabetes, have had the opportunity to purchase high-quality Swiss products TM "Rightest" in the Ukrainian market for more than 10 year.

The unique technology, high accuracy that proven by clinical trials in leading clinics, simplicity and reliability of use, trust doctors and consumers - the main factors due to which TM devices "Rightest" have been leaders of the Ukrainian market of glucometers for many years.

Bionime Corporation Company directs all its scientific and production facilities in the improvement, development and production of high-quality and reliable devices for self-monitoring and measuring the blood glucose level. After all only qualitative self-monitoring provides an effective treatment of diabetes and allows you to monitor your health in the whole, using portable and easy-to-use blood glucose meters TM «Rightest». Bionime Corporation Company has united scientific knowledge in medicine, electronics and chemistry, the development of high-tech and patented Swiss technology, perfect quality and stylish design, creating the most accurate blood glucose meters in the world.

Blood glucose meters TM «Rightest» certified according to international standards ISO, CE and are the best home systems for the measurement of blood sugar levels.

International Diabetes Association of Ukraine (MDAU) recommends products of TM «Rightest» for endocrinologists, as well as for people who entering the risk group of diabetes.

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м. Одеса, 7.07.18. Фестиваль здоров’я «Живи активно».

м. Одеса, 7.07.18. Фестиваль здоров’я «Живи активно».


7 липня 2018 року в  «Міському саду» міста Одеса відбувся черговий Фестиваль здоров’я «Живи активно»!